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Electronic menu for restaurants and hotels. QR-code menu for mobile devices and PCs! Multilingual service that allows
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12 October 2013

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This application provides a means of ordering food in a restaurant and other food based outlets.

Service IAS Restaurant allows guests to order food items from the electronic menu provided. This is accessible on any kind of device, particularly mobile devices. Each food item has QR code, combined with the table code, that helps people to order their food and the order reaches the kitchen/waiter immediately. You would not need to wait for a waiter to become free and come and get your order. Located on each table, QR code allows to start ordering in the restaurant electronic Menu as soon as you are comfortably seated. It does not matter even if all customers order their food at the same time. The system will queue the orders in the sequence they are received in the system. Each dish in electronic Menu contains detailed description and a photo. The customer is able to get a very good feel of what the dish contains and order accordingly.

A waiter can deliver the food as soon as it is ready. Orders appear as SMS messages. The system can automatically record the phone number for future reference and maintaining customer relationships. This is compatible with all modern mobile devices. These include mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. There should not be any problems due to display resolution or its size. It is only the QR code of the food item that needs to be read. The service works easily with Wi-Fi and mobile Internet. It supports multiple languages. Business owners will be able to collect orders statistics for visitors who ordered dishes in electronic menu. Much additional analysis as to which dish is the most popular, what moves at what times and so on can be carried out. This is a good tool.

Publisher's description

Innovation technology in the restaurant and hotel business!
Electronic menu for restaurants and hotels. QR-code menu for mobile devices and PCs! Multilingual service that allows customers of fast-foods, restaurants, hotels make orders and pay by their own via their mobile devices. One service for all operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS). Service increases the speed of processing customer orders and increases loyalty to the establishment and is a great marketing tool.
Main advantages of service:
- Attracting new customers through the brand-new items (QR- code menu - trend line technology);
- Increase the speed and quality of customers service ( clients don't need to wait for staff);
- Customer feedback (service keeps your customer base and their contacts );
- Runs on all modern gadgets ( adapted for different types and sizes of devices);
- Multilingual service;
- Creating loyalty discount system for regular customers without using cards;
- Integration of online booking service to your site;
To use the QR-code menu service, you don't need to buy expensive software and equipment, care of safety and efficiency. Service is available 24/7. Integration and customization of service are absolutely free. You only pay for the actual committed orders through IAS Menu service.
IAS Menu
IAS Menu
Version 2.1.1
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